Oneness and self confidence

Genuine self confidence comes from a healthy balance between individuality and oneness.

As such it is nurtured by intuition, finds inspiration in nature, sees life to be no more than a temporary manifestation of the bigger reality.

It is free, without arrogance, indifferent to propaganda and judgments, and feeds into positive thoughts, emotions and actions.

In short, genuine self confidence is the exact opposite of ego.

For its part, ego is bound to the materialist vision.

It is insecure, aggressive, narcissistic and yet gregariously obsessed by the opinion of others.

Ego is mean, stimulates negative thoughts, emotions and actions which always attract suffering as some stage.

Now and again though, people with overblown egos seem to achieve spectacular accomplishments, reaching fame, breaking records, making money, being loved for a while. Society may regard them as successful.

But invariably their achievements are in a confrontational mode: war, power struggle, competition, exploitation, aggressive technologies… The kind of things that contribute to the global crisis.

The crisis stems from a widespread imbalance between individuality and oneness; ego is the negative side of individuality that creates it.

On the other hand, genuine self confidence is the positive side of individuality which helps us preserve integrity and inner joy through the crisis. And makes us contribute to collective evolution for the better.

Anyhow, here is a piece of music inspired by one of the most overblown egos of all times: Louis XIV, the Roi Soleil – beautiful, thanks Jean-Baptiste:

Fear not, listen to what the trees tell you.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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