Oneness and ego

We are part of oneness, and at the same time we have individuality.

The global crisis on planet earth arises from a disturbed balance between oneness and individuality.

This conclusion becomes evident after peeling off every possible layer of logical, scientific or metaphysical analysis of the global crisis.

Our thoughts, emotions and actions are systematically biased towards the individual part of us to the detriment of our relation with oneness.

In other words, we are all driven by ego, with catastrophic consequences in all spheres of human activity.

It’s not our fault. We were born and brought up in a belief system that glorifies individuality, competition, survival of the fittest, etc.

The bases of that mentality were already laid out many centuries ago, well before the advent of scientific materialism and global capitalism. “Vae victis” (woe and sorrow to the vanquished) said the Romans.

But now we are here, in the 21st century, facing the deepest crisis in human history. Can we change our basic mindset?

It only requires a mental click to make us see life and existence through different lenses.

In the new mindset, when you consider another person, or an animal, or a tree, you imagine them as part of you, and you part of them. Being mean or indifferent to them would amount to hurting or ignoring yourself.

It is very simple in theory, but quite a challenge in practice.

You start off with the best intentions, decided to be kind, understanding, tolerant, patient, but then the other person, or the environment, may be unkind to you. You feel threatened, and before you know you are back into your frightened or miffed ego.

You need more patience, more tolerance, and deeper understanding.

The decisive point to remember is that all our thoughts, emotions and actions send a signal to universal oneness. The signal is charged with either positivity or negativity: love or hatred, trust or fear, etc.

And through the law of attraction, positivity or negativity is reflected back at us.

But the law of attraction works with genuine signals, not whims of ego.

Contrary to what business driven personal development suggests, you cannot attract money or success, for example, just by wishing them. Or, more precisely, by thinking that you wish them, whereas in fact your true aspirations are beauty, harmony, warmth…, which you may enjoy without having millions or a visible position in society.

Through experience you can verify that the law of attraction, properly understood, actually works. This then gives you confidence in the benefits of a better relationship with oneness and facilitates tuning down your ego.

This is the key. As long as ego drives you, you contribute (to a smaller or larger extent) to the global crisis, and you suffer from its consequences. The bigger the sum of egos, the harsher the crisis, and the more acute the pain of many.

By tuning down your ego and sending positive signals to oneness (as manifested in the young chap sitting opposite you in the metro, the dog leaving its business into your alley, the beggar, your boss, your kid, trees in the forest, …) your contribute to vibrational harmony, and more harmony comes back your way.

Finally, here is a link to a very good paper on ego:

And another one, with quite a different viewpoint:

Fear not, walk half an hour each day.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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