Higher wisdom at work

On the face of it, our situation on earth looks worse than at any time in history and young folks especially would seem to have every reason for anguish and despair.

At least two hundred million unemployed worldwide, some thirty millions of them in the EU alone. Overcrowded cities. Unhealthy food. Oceans dying of pollution. Soils ditto. Leaders who haven’t a clue and find nothing better than talking of war.

But then, what we perceive as the hard reality is only a visible fragment of existence.

No more than a modest cluster between the infinitely small, where matter is just a manifestation of pure energy, and the infinitely large universe.

In the two previous posts we came to the pragmatic reasoned conclusion that the best bet is to view the totality of the universe as harmonious oneness, conscious, intelligent, benevolent, loving.

On that basis, wisdom is the art of conducting one’s life in full alignment with the chosen vision.

In practice this implies courage and deftness, which are much easier to attain if you have total faith in the vision and complete trust in intuition.

Learning faith and trust is beyond dry intellect; it involves the totality of mind, body and soul. These three together form an open system, constantly exchanging energy and information with the rest of nature, on this planet and beyond.

Feelings and emotions are as important as rational thoughts, not just in the brain, but in every elementary particle of energy which, for a time, however brief, spins in some part of you.

Through practice, your can learn to reach and stay close to a state of modified consciousness in which you remain aware of oneness, even when confronted to very down to earth situations.

This helps you be calmer, shrewder, more flexible and amicable. Your rapport with other people, things and nature is more fluid and less confrontational. You hate or fear nobody. The law of attraction starts working for you.

Most of humanity is not in such a state of easy, friendly rapport with others and nature. On the contrary, most people perceive their existence as a continual struggle in a hostile world. And through the law of attraction this is reflected back to them.

As a result everything seems to go from bad to worse on the planet.

But if you choose its guidance, higher wisdom will protect your mind and soul (and often your body as well) through the unavoidable upheaval that we now so clearly see coming.

Fear not, sing in silence or aloud.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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