Optimism: phoney or real

Phoney optimism believes in the system.

It views the current crisis as a bundle of temporary hiccups due to “market imperfections”.

With appropriate regulation and the help of science and technology, the march of progress towards ever more prosperity should continue – so goes the optimistic narrative.

A little snag though: as of late, progress towards more “prosperity” has implied ecosystems destroyed, food contaminated, battery animals tortured en masse, quaint beauty replaced by brutal efficiency, human life robotised into narcissist consumerism, violence including war routinely used .

Hoping for more of the same, once “growth” is revived, cannot seriously be deemed “optimism”.

But then what?

What can we expect if not more ego driven struggle for money, power and ostentation, and more apparent triumph of the “strong” at the expense of everyone else and nature.

Real optimism believes humanity will break free from materialism, i.e. from ego and fear. And it believes that everyone of us can choose to be free right now, without having to wait for some kind of revolution.

Real optimism believes in spiritual progress, not politics. It views the current crisis as the manifestation of a fantastic change of vibrational energy and consciousness in and around planet earth.

More and more advanced souls gifted with the intuition of oneness recognise what is happening around us.

They don’t necessarily understand intellectually in the narrow sense, but they know, and therefore trust. Trust universal consciousness; benevolent, harmonious, eternal universal consciousness.

Real optimism is practical in the here and now: simple life, recycling, bio dynamic food production, self healing, natural healing, breast feeding, dowsing, laughing, chanting, telepathy with peers and pets, and more.

Fear not, rejoice in true optimism.




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