Unexpected liaisons

I recently heard someone say: “Take the dramas of faulty breast implants and 9/11; you wouldn’t imagine there could be links between the two, would you? But there are”.

That was a shrewd remark. And it illustrates a key point I try to put across on this blog: that all facets of life are interconnected and the global crisis is one big knot as opposed to a string of separate issues.

Let us elaborate.

Why is invasive aesthetic surgery performed on women?

Because surgeons and companies in the aesthetic surgery “industry” wish to develop their business.

Because women feel a strong pressure to “improve” their looks, i.e. conform to certain standards of shape. It’s a form of tyranny: some girls have to have their breasts enlarged just to be selected for beauty contests.

Because women forget that they could improve their (sexual and social) appeal by simple and natural means: a smile on their face, healthy food, judicious choice of colours for their clothes and make up, spiritual balance in their life.

Because society is caught in the mistaken belief that assumed imperfections of nature can be innocently put right through manipulative invasive technology, even when it touches the body and the mind.

Why did 9/11 happen?

We don’t know, but we can hazard pretty good guesses.

One sure thing it is that the official version of events (Al Quaeda attacks caused the towers to fall) is false and grotesque.

Shady characters in the US government machine played a key part in the fall of the towers; if you are in doubt, read attentively the article of The New York Times that summarises the controversy: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/08/22/nyregion/22wtccnd.html?pagewanted=all

The real question is: why did shady characters in the US government machine cause this drama?

To create shock and awe in the minds of the public, stimulate fear, and blame a bogus enemy conveniently associated with the Middle East.

And the underlying motives ? Control, manipulation, power and money.

Motives which, if you think about it, are also part of the plot for cutting women to make them look a bit more like fantasy dolls in consumerist dream land.

Fear not, revere nature and respect women.




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