A year like none before

Pundits announce very turbulent times in 2012.

Does this mean that lucidity is at last prevailing?

Not at all.

Pundits (who represent the 0.001 %) have to concede that turbulences are unavoidable, but they do their utmost to present this as temporary inconvenience rather than evidence of fundamental change.

And a lot of people (in the 1%, 5% and even 30%) do their utmost to believe that nonsense.

Because their world view remains the same: materialist, anthropocentric, drown in ego and fear, cut off from the subtle side of existence.

That world view, as a growing minority begins to realise, is the engine driving mankind and its planet into chaos and disharmony.

But you can free yourself from that mindset and engage another step of dance with life.

Week after week on this blog we shall monitor the unfolding of the global crisis, and encourage the emergence of a world view diametrically opposed to the nefarious dominant belief system.

I wish you a very happy 2012 in spite of all the apparent gloom.

Fear not, deepen your intuition and trust universal consciousness.




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