Little teaser about money

One day a traveller arrives in a small town, calls at a hotel, leaves a cheque of € 40 as pre-payment for the room and goes for a stroll.

While he is away, the hotel manager gives the cheque to a plumber for a small job he’d done the previous week.

With the cheque, the plumber buys an umbrella in a shop. The shop owner still owes the hotel the cost of a night for one of his relatives who had visited him; he rushes to the hotel and gives the cheque to the manager.

The traveller returns to the hotel, decides not to stay after all, and the manager gives him the cheque back.

The traveller just remembered his bank account is in the red and the cheque would have bounced.

Has the umbrella bought by the plumber been validly paid?

Come back after the New Year to find out.

My very best wishes for 2012.




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  1. charles
    Dec 31, 2011 @ 16:05:46

    C’est pour vous saluer avec ces quelques mots en cette fin d’année. J’admire le regard que vous portez sur le monde qui nous entoure, où le goût de la marque, la ‘’ vérité’’ de la publicité remplacent les valeurs qui s’effondrent … Au moins, vous n’êtes pas prêt à adhérer à tous ces ‘’’mensonges’’’.

    Bonne année 2012 .



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