Robots or souls

Two opposing forces are currently rising towards a climax: materialism and consciousness.

Materialism is much more than a narrow obsession with money, flashy cars, fitted kitchens or frequent travelling.

It’s a comprehensive operating mode of the mind.

When trapped in that mode you can only acknowledge the existence of material things and perceive them as separate. Your world view is fragmented, cut off from the subtle side of existence. Your personal horizon is ego and fear, and life appears an endless struggle with no meaning or finality.

This has been humanity’s dominant mindset for millennia, and today it underpins the whole of society: institutions, laws, dogmas, religions, conventional science and technology, and of course money, the overarching mechanism for allocating material things.

We could have interminable discussions on the wisdom or folly of society’s various beliefs and rules of the game, but, at the end of the day, only one thing matters: where does it all lead?

The answer is glaringly obvious: it leads to disharmony, chaos and destruction. Only champions of denial can still fail to see it.

Consciousness offers a totally different vision of the world.

A vision shaped not only by what we see, hear or touch but also by the intuitive knowledge of a much larger and richer existence than what the senses can perceive.

All that exists are manifestations of one coherent whole, made of vibrational energy. Universal consciousness is present in everything, infinite, eternal and benevolent. Life is a mysterious experience, suffering and pain are but temporary barriers to light and harmony.

Consciousness underpins a broad range of alternative knowledge and techniques which the dominant system tries (with increasing ferocity and diminishing success) to ridicule and eliminate.

Materialism and consciousness are diametrically opposed. They are irreconcilable; sooner or later, one of them will have to yield.

For the majority, sticking to materialism still looks almost irresistible.

Why? Doesn’t materialism reduce us to no more than imperfect machines subject to wear, tear and final write-off, increasingly no match for lifeless robots? And doesn’t it lead to collective doom and individual despair? Perhaps, but it’s the devil we know. For generations it was our master, the only mindset we could conceive.

By contrast, consciousness opens up a vast unknown.

Analytical reasoning shows it to be consistent with logic, fundamental science, ancient traditions and intuitive experience, but its awesome vastness remains intimidating. Treading the path of consciousness requires the courage of “letting go” of ego and fear. The courage to regard one’s own life and existence as no more or less precious than any other little piece of oneness.

Such ultimate humility is not so easily attained.

The current global crisis makes the consequences of materialism perfectly obvious, and therefore the choice of belief system all the clearer and more pressing.

No one can tell you what you should believe and do. No one can judge you. It is all your choice.

Fear not, meditate, walk and run.




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  1. Amzi
    Dec 30, 2011 @ 19:14:27

    A true masterpiece…thanks Leo!


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