Precious toolkit for historic transition

Transition from materialist globalisation to unknown post collapse era may take years or only months.

Nobody knows. And how precisely it’s going to happen is a mystery.

What is beyond doubt is that it will happen, for the simple reason that a society based on ego, fear, distrust and corruption is incapable of generating coherent technical and organisational  “solutions” to the interwoven issues facing mankind.

It is possible that only a minority of the seven plus billion humans will survive the transition, bringing world population back to pre-industrial levels below one billion. Again, we don’t know.

But however unnerving it may appear, the transition need not be painful for everybody. It may even be exhilarating.

The key is in your mind.

If you choose to stay trapped in fear and contracting thoughts, sure enough you will feel distressed and actually attract pain.

If you have the courage to let go of fear and engage in expanding thoughts, the stress of transition will be reduced and your intuition will guide you through turbulences.

The ultimate aim for each of us is not so much to survive at all costs in the face of ruthless competition, but to accomplish our mission aligned on universal harmony and accept death when it comes, without regrets, mission accomplished.

A number of tools can help us along during the transition: bio-dynamic agriculture, breastfeeding, geo-biology, dowsing, feng shui, natural healing techniques, non verbal communication, creative arts, craftsmanship, meditation…

All of them imply a harmonious, friendly relationship with nature, others, and one self.

Which is the exact opposite of the heavy mentality underlying hard mainstream technologies, so often derived from warmongering activities.

Of course, let us avoid dogmatism. We must never indulge in judging others, whatever their recklessness and insensitivity, but neither should we, like so many, follow the tune of the dying sirens of materialism.

Fear not, think straight.




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