Tricky transition

The system is crashing down, but not overnight.

Hence the challenge we face: cultivating a completely new mindset and preparing the unknown post collapse while having to navigate in a world still in the grips of the old paradigm.

This can be quite testing at times. Doubts creep in. Why not just conform, follow the crowd, do like everyone else?

Tempting of course, but unlikely to bring you much satisfaction and peace of mind.

Your inner consciousness knows perfectly well what harmony is and what is folly and corruption. Your true being doesn’t wish to live in self deception and dishonesty. And if you try to force it, you just feel horrible deep in.

On the other hand, choosing the route of lucidity, honesty and free thinking demands a particular form of courage. The courage to (metaphorically) jump from the edge of the cliff and trust that the universe will sustain you.

But that is where we are at this juncture of human history. It’s high noon. Time to choose: conforming zombie or free soul.

Fear not, talk to the trees and listen to their answers.




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