Global tyranny before system collapse

Global tyranny is a moving feast.

You might think it boils down to heartless capitalism, but then you see government big brother, unbridled technology and manipulative science. In fact multiple dangers arise from their toxic mix.

Who runs the system? Is there really a coordinated system? Perhaps what we face is a loose coalescence of elite groups, networks and mafias of individuals ultimately fighting for just themselves.

Some of them are in banks and multinationals; others are academics financed by the former, or lobbyists, journalists, public officials and politicians.

Together they will ensure that vaccinations are regarded as duty, GM crops equated to life saviours, telecom antennae pictured as beacons of progress, mineral exploitation cherished as a key to unlimited comfort, etc., etc.

And proclaiming these things safe with minimal collateral damage, they will do their best to discredit or bulldozer opposition to them.

They will go even further. For example, ensure that everybody carries a microchip with data tagged to his body; practical for going through customs, etc. Yes, and practical to control you day and night, and send signals to your brain and body.

But, whereas more intrusive technologies are forced upon members of the public, complex systems become harder to manage. The more so in an increasingly unstable society where people become less responsible and less reliable.

Look at finance, the nuclear industry, offshore drilling, large hospitals …etc. All unpredictable, shrouded in misinformation, ready to burst out of control anywhere any time.

Back to the people “running the system”, for want of a better description; what drives them?

Basically money and hubris.

The ultimate tyrant is a mindset. People moving to the top see no other reality than the brew of egotism, cunning and corruption in which they thrive. They believe this to be the essence of human condition, and just plough ahead with their little business, no matter the consequences for other folks, animals, eco-systems, and general harmony.

It is doubtful whether they have any sense of what the latter might mean.

So, resisting tyranny has less to do with fighting certain people than with encouraging a mindset diametrically opposed to theirs.

Which amounts to contributing to the world-wide spiritual shift congruent with imminent collapse of the present system.

Fear not, exercise constant lucidity.




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