Slow motion pictures

Events are accelerating so fast that we are beginning to see them stroboscopically like the wheels of a racing car: rotating slowly backwards.

The financial pyramid is in terminal wobbling, economic growth is stalling, and any will to protect the environment has evaporated.

But we’re determined to enjoy the festive season. And why not have a good time, sweet and surreal?

If you can afford it, have a piece of a delicious free range turkey, and if you can’t afford it, have a piece of battery raised one fed on GM corn and antibiotics, but don’t think about the poor creature’s life before it reached your plate.

Any way, there are so many things not to think about if we don’t want to spoil our moments of pleasure.

Some people have developed denial and contradictions to the level of a contemporary “art de vivre”.

I wouldn’t advise it.

Your subconscious works in silence underneath your best efforts to skid over everything, and in the end contradictions catch up with you in the shape of some cancer, Alzheimer, heart condition or other unpleasantness.

Or they don’t catch up with you now. You just die stupid, and take an unclean baggage with you on the other side.

Go for honesty and lucidity; face up to all that’s deeply wrong in society and getting worse, but put it calmly in the big picture of evolution in a harmonious universe.

That’s another way of saying that we end up naturally in spirituality. We are sentient and conscious creatures; we need to question the finality of our being here. Just playing zombies will not do.

Fear not, enjoy yourself.




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