Signposts from Durban and Brussels

Two gatherings attracted world attention last weekend: Durban on climate change and Brussels on Eurozone debt.

In both cases the outcome amounted to kicking the can a bit further down the alley.

This is what happens in practically all recent discussions on the many pressing issues facing mankind.


Two reasons:

– discussions are organised by subject. But all subjects are so deeply interwoven in one global crisis that trying to address them separately leads nowhere

– influential participants are often associated to powerful groups with vested interests in unhindered pursuit of (lucrative) business regardless of consequences.

This, cynics will remark, is the way society thinks and operates. It cannot be changed, and it will go on so for ever.

Needless to say, if the cynics are right, there is no hope of agreeing on any solution to any major issue, and the future is very bleak indeed.

But cynics may turn out to be wrong.

A growing (if still small) minority of people hold a completely different view.

They feel that mankind is capable of a spectacular metamorphosis, in fact that such a metamorphosis belongs to its destiny. They sense that the time has come for a 180 degrees veering away from ego, fear and violence and into connection to oneness, trust and harmony.

Now you choose: follow the regiments of cynics or join the alternative minority.

Fear not, let the sunshine in.




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