Keep your head cool and your heart warm

After days of sharp falls on financial markets and a stream of economic bad news, the general mood seems to be shifting from denial to panic.

But you, attentive readers of this blog, know better.

You know that the financial system will go into meltdown and that the economy will shrink. You know that this will entail great turbulences that are going to be painful for people with their heads and hearts caught in the materialist mode of thinking.

In that mode of thinking no coherent “solutions” will ever be found to the stack of “problems” rising from all quarters.

What appears to us like problems are symptoms of the fundamentally flawed relationship between humans and the universe.

Most humans try to ignore that they are part of one universal consciousness, that no creature of any kind is separate from the whole, that nothing no-where happens without meaning or purpose.

The crisis on our tiny planet is a micro episode in the evolution of universal consciousness. Based on a myriad of signs, intuition tells us that the universe is benevolent and expanding towards harmony and love.

However, many of us (including myself) are tempted to say: “ok, leave that spiritual clap trap aside for a minute, and just give us practical tips to get by as best we can”.

Well, that’s not the way it works. Tips only have value if acted upon in the right spirit, i.e. in a mindset at 180 degrees from the materialist world view with its attendant fear, distrust, obsession with ego and competition.

On this blog we shall continue to analyse developments of the crisis and share tips for harmonious living through turbulences.

To end on a practical note, some improvements and additions to this blog have just been put on line: first, on the page Contents you can now click for direct access to any post; second, a new Contact page allows you to leave me a message not visible on the site; third, a new Writings page will shortly provide free downloadable pdf files.

Fear not, have a mug of cocoa.




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