How to adapt to increasing turbulences

The world is plunging in a global crisis with multiple facets. As a consequence, each of us will pretty soon have to adapt to major changes.

On this most people would agree.

But nobody has clear ideas on what exactly the changes will be in the coming months and years. Uncertainty is at an all time high.

So what should we do?

Take our money from the bank? Buy gold, and perhaps a gun? Pile up food reserves?

That may seem a bit extreme and at odds with the apparent normality of every day life (so far). But it is the kind of advice offered by the growing league of believers in imminent collapse.

In any case, there is no doubt that we are at a tipping point in human history. This is a frightening prospect for those enslaved by the materialist mode of thinking.

The present crisis is the result of millennia of a dominant mental mode shaped by fear, ego and a belief in the separateness of people and other creatures. To face this crisis, the absolute key is to free oneself from the mental trap of the dominant mode of thinking.

Once in a new mindset, no longer constricted by fear and ego, but enlightened by trust, love, and connection to universal consciousness, practical steps can be envisaged.

They vary for each of us, but some general ideas apply, which mainly revolve around simplicity, nature, self reliance, health, alertness, love:

– be close to the land – grow your own vegetables; with square foot gardening this can be done on a small plot, even started on a balcony

–  develop mutual trust with neighbours – the economy will turn local; barter and free gifts will be important

–  favour simplicity – forget brands, social positioning and the antics of consumerism; use technologies that are not dependent on large networks likely to fail; learn to be practical and hands on

–  seek self reliance: sell off (most of) your financial assets and turn them into land and useful things which require no (or little) energy; do not rely on the state or on big business

–  train your mind to be resilient; be cheerful, laugh, meditate, and don’t whine

–  take care of your body: healthy food home prepared from local (organic) produce; exercise without excess; natural healing; no vaccinations, antibiotics, drugs and intrusive medical processes and devices

–  be alert to all that is going on in the world and close to where you live, but without panic, biased judgments or prejudices

–  constantly rekindle your inner flame of “pure love”, which – through the law of attraction – is the best protection against aggressive behaviour of others against you, and the best bet to make friends and allies.

Suggested additions to the list are welcome. Also, take a look at the web sites of Richard Heinberg and Dmitri Orlov (see Links page).

Fear not, and enjoy the sun when it shines




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  1. Amzi
    Nov 14, 2011 @ 19:21:36

    Thanks Leo! I have been reading your blog since the beginning and I find it very insightful. Many blogs rant on about the collapse in a fearful and pessimistic way. Yours is unique as it combines a great analysis of the current situation and a powerful yet humble opening to positive change. I’ll keep on reading!


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