Out of your comfort zone

The financial crisis looks ever more like systemic unravelling. In its fall, finance is going to pull down the whole economy. The latter is unsound and unsustainable anyway, so you might say its collapse is overdue and to be welcomed.

True, but, the crash will be a time of tough transition. For middle class folks in developed countries, it is going to be a mighty big shock, an encounter with shades of discomfort that they hadn’t previously envisaged.

On the other hand, it is not the end of the world, and the whole business is only a minor blip in the universe.

No consolation for you?

Think deeper.

Are you a poor transient material creature on its own, chained to this little planet and to this small window of time? Or are you a wave of infinite and eternal universal consciousness?

If it is the former, you are truly up a creek. If it is the latter, you don’t have to worry and can concentrate on behaving meaningfully through this micro crisis.

Yes, I know, it does take a wee bit of getting used to that sort of thinking.

But consult with your intuition. Don’t you feel deep down that you are a wave of eternal infinite universal consciousness, and that the goings on around you are just the décor of an avatar that you are going through as part of your spiritual expansion.

It is entirely your choice now: trust in benevolent expansion of universal consciousness, or shrinking in the prison of your mind trapped in the materialist illusion.

Your inner peace or intense anguish will be the consequence of your choice, whatever seems to happen around you.

Fear not, feed you cat, and take care.



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